"Our first priority is PROFESSIONALISM and EXCELLENCE; our greatest STRENGTH is that we are DEDICATED to achieving it."



At Solid Protection all our employees are vetted, selected and trained in a thorough manner as part of a comprehensive and well analysing and documented process. We conduct a validation of each every application we receive and we ensure that the successful applicants are briefed on the company’s policy and code of conduct about the customer service.


The selection process is the following:


The security officers that Solid protection engage are coming through personal referrals (from existing parts of our team, commonly with military or law enforcement background) or from the website applications. We review all the received CVs and the documentation that supports them with an attention to the references. CRB check proof is mandatory to operate with SOLID PROTECTION. We verify the working and education record, lastly we arrange interview with the advisory consultants and after with the operational management team. The accepted applicants will complete an induction to the company’s policy and training to the specific task or venue’s operation. The applicants from that point are turning to be part of our family and they ensure in daily base that are diligent, industrious and effectual in undertaking their professional responsibilities and commitments. They do not participate in actions which may involve a conflict of interest (without appropriate disclosure and approval according to the specific national law that the scheme is taking place). They proceed within the instructions, guidelines, practices and elements of our Staff Handbook.