With INTEGRITY you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With INTEGRITY you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt. With fear and guilt removed you are free to be and do YOUR BEST

SOLID PROTECTION SERVICES LTD is a security and risk management company with project experience in the close protection field, the residential security and in door supervision .With a client base that covers United Kingdom, Europe and middle East is including high ranking politicians, members of the royal family as well as wealthy professionals from the national and international corporate sectors.


The expansion on the door supervision shown that Solid Protection is able to transfer the same level services to the venues that is responsible for. With all our door supervisors been quality trained, with the right interpersonal skills, discretion and with experience in a variety of venues from bars and restaurants, retail to nightclubs and hotels. We ensure the selected individuals that operate on the protected venues assimilate the certain profile that the venue has and provide the expecting services.


Today, Solid Protection provides the knowledge of security based on our code of conduct to deliver high standard customer service with honesty and reliability, to lead our client’s relationships to a strategic partnership, and to manage our business to a supportable way that advertises and develops the daily progress of our promise.



Our goal as a company has always been to provide protection to clients while maintain their reputations.  When providing protection for celebrities, we know that harsh words and actions can have a detrimental effect on fans.  At high end restaurants, it only takes one disruptive situation to ruin the ambience.  At hotels, often times security will be seen more than any other face of the service team; we strive to make our interactions with guests warm and pleasant.